Businesses for the Bay

Is your business taking steps to reduce single-use plastics? We want to help you let everyone know. By participating in the Businesses for the Bay single-use plastics reduction campaign, we will provide your business with a window decal or certificate of participation, educational table tents, and posters. We will also add your business to our campaign website and share your commitment on social media.

No costs, bans, or mandatory reduction actions are required to join. By sharing a variety of actions that can be taken we hope to educate, change behavior, and move one step closer to a plastic waste-free planet - one restaurant, one customer at a time.


Campaign Partner Perks:

  • Website: Your business name and location will be placed on our campaign page. We will include a link directly to your website and the information you provide about how you are reducing single-use plastics.

  • Social Media: We plan to use our reach to identify your restaurant to our followers. Share pictures and stories using #PollutionSolutionHC so we can share your commitment with our social media followers.

  • Window Decal: We will provide you with a peel-off window decal or a certificate that states you are participating in the campaign. If desired, we will also provide you with literature, such as table tents and posters, to answer questions for your customers.

  • Local Media: Articles and press releases about the campaign participants will be completed as time and availability allow.


Interested in reducing single-use plastics at your business but you need some ideas? Consider these alternatives:

  • Plastic Drinking Straws: paper, bamboo, glass, silicone, metal or cornstarch/grain options

  • Plastic Take-Out Containers: paper or cardboard options, encourage customers to bring their own container

  • Plastic Cutlery: reusable, eco-friendly bamboo flatware, edible cutlery

  • Plastic Bags: reusable cloth bags, reusable bags made from recycled materials


These participating businesses have taken steps to reduce the effect of single-use plastics on the environment.